The fortress of Camelot shone like a beacon within the land of Ulin. For over three generations Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table fought for Freedom, Truth, Honor, and Justice.


But no more, Camelot is but a memory, it, Arthur and his Knights brought to their knees by the betrayer. Though the warlord Morlek is dead, his son Nala-Kahn now sits upon the throne of Mielach. Allied with Lancelot the two tyrants scour the land for young magic wielders to increase their own magical power. 


Alundi surviving Knight of the Round Table and wielder of the legendary sword Excalibur also searches for young magic wielders,

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in the hope that one would be powerful enough to defeat the two tyrants. 

Little Annabel lives in the peaceful isolated southern village of Mountain Rise where she uses her magic to heal others. Alundi along with his son Assard must brave the wilderness, the Empire and every ally of Nala-Kahn, to find her and get her to the Emerald Skull where she will be taught in the arts of magic.  


The Second Instalment of

The Legend of Alundi Trilogy


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Here are some reviews from readers



Review by: Maria Bowley on May 31, 2016 :  
This book took me on an absolutely fantastic journey! This genre isn't usually my cup of tea but wanted to try something new and so glad I did! Hope there will be a sequel shortly!
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Review by: joanna on 30 July 11 2015 :

Great Story has everything you want in a fantasy book. Could not put it down. Looking forward to the second story in the trilogy The Legend of Alundi - Binding Paths  

Review by: Bob  on May 01, 2015 :  
I have enjoyed The Legend of Alundi and highly recommend it if you like magic and wizards. I'm looking forward the next book in the series. Hopefully soon.


Review by: dallers on Feb. 25, 2014 :

An engrossing Fantasy Adventure. Russell portrays Alundi in all his glory in this fascinating read which follows the time of Arthur and explores the life of a Knight, his abilities, power, weakness and path in great detail. Each character is brought to life and the detail elaborate which is commonly overlooked in Fantasy for us materialist folk. As you make it past the first few chapters fascination to continue with the story will easily take hold and I highly recommend that you give it a chance. Russell makes sure that you are quickly absorbed into the story and not given the chance to look away easily. The read is very easy going and can certainly do its job by taking you away from the real world for a few moments each day and into a time of Heroes, Evil, and Magic.


Review by: flowerqueen4 on Jan. 21, 2014 :

Great story, I couldn't stop reading it. Keep it up Russell you obviously have the gift of writing!


Review by: Etruscan on Nov. 21, 2013 :

Great book. The Quest involving Galahad, Elves, Dwarves and other legendary figures is gripping. I have finished the book looking forward to the next book. But, unfortunately it is not here yet. I hope Russell Claridge is already typing on his computer like a busy bee to finish The Legend of Alundi - Binding Paths.